Explore Barcelona

We recommend you use public transport and alternative means of transport such as bicycles in order to get around the city. There is no better way to discover the city than by walking through its streets. If you come to the city by car your best bet is to leave your vehicle in a car park and enjoy your visit by bus, metro or taxi.

Metro and FGC

Barcelona currently has six metro lines covering a total of 86.6 kilometres and passing through 123 stations. It also has a city railway network, the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat - FGC, run by the Catalan government, which supplemnets the metro network. There are a number of travel passes which can be used throughout the public transport network (metro, city railway and buses). An integrated fare system was recently introduced which makes it possible to use different means of transport with the same ticket.

See metro & FGC map
For further information:
Barcelona Metro: www.tmb.net
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya: www.fgc.es


Barcelona has a feet of 865 buses which oeprate on over 80 routes and connect all the city's districts. Most buses are adapted for people with reduced mobility. Transport passes can be used on the metro and city-centre lines of the FGC.

See Barcelona Bus route map
For further information:
Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona: www.tmb.net


A green light on top of the taxi indicates its availability. There is also a fleet of taxis adapted for people with reduced mobility. If you want to hrie specific services (drivers who speak foreign languages, seven-seater vehicles,etc.) we recommend you use the tleephone booking service.

Fono Taxi
Telf.: 933 001 100
Barna Taxi
Telf.: 933 577 755
Taxi Groc
Telf.: 934 902 222
Servi Taxi
Telf.: 933 300 300
Coop. Radio Taxi Metropolitana
Telf.: 932 250 000
Radio Taxi Miramar
Telf.: 934 331 020
Tele Taxi
Telf.: 933 922 222
Auto Taxi Mercedes Barcelona
Telf.: 032 660 102
Servdriver, SL
Telf.: 932 848 888
Radio Taxi Verd, SL
Telf.: 932 663 939
Radio Taxi 033 (Credit Card accepted)
Telf.: 933 033 033
Taxi Amic (taxis adapted for people with disabilities)
Telf.: 934 208 088

Lost property:
Tel: 932 234 012
e-mail: objper-taxi@amb.es

For further information:
Institut Metropolità del Taxi:
Tel: 932 235 151


The bicycle provides an original and different way to discover the city. Barcelona has fully integrated cycle lanes and you can cycle through the city's open spaces and parks. These conditions and the mild climate are ideal for this alternative means of transport. You can choose from organised routes or bicycle hire.

Map showing the city's cycle lanes

Bicycle hire and routes

· Ciclobus Barcelona
Tel: 932 853 832
Discover Barcelona by bike

· Al punt de trobada
Address: Badajoz, 24 | Tel: 932 250 585
Times: Tue-Fri 9am-2pm / 4pm-8pm | Sat 9am-2pm | Sun 4pm-8pm
Bicycle hire by the hour, half hour and day. Special discounts for groups.

· Biciclot
Address: Verneda, 16-22, 1 | Tel: 933 077 475 | Web: www.biciclot.net
Fax: 932 662 353
Rides through Barcelona for schools and pre-booked groups.

· Bicitram
Address: Av. Marques de l'Argentera, 15
Tel: 607 226 069
Times: Sat, Sun and public holidays: 10am-9pm

· Scenic
Address: Escullera de Poblenou, 1 | Tel: 932 252 230 | Web: www.scenicbcn.com
Hire and sale of bikes and skates. Organises night-time excursions.

· Un cotxe menys
Address: Esparteria, 3 | Tel: 932 682 105 | Fax: 933 194 298 | Web: www.bicicletabarcelona.com
Times: Mon-Fri: 10am-2pm | Sat and Sun: 10am-12.30pm
Price: 20 €
Bicycle hire by the hour, half day and day. Guided tours of Barcelona.

· Classic bikes
Address: Tallers, 45 | Tel: 933 171 970 | Web: www.barcelonarentbikes.com
Bicycle hire for adults and guided tours for groups.

· Amics de la bici
Address: Demostenes, 19 | Tel: 933 394 060
Web: www.amicsdelabici.org | E-mail: amicsbici@pangea.org
Excursions, bicycle reapir shop, advice on cycling routes.
Times: Tue: 8pm-10pm. Fri: slide shows on bycicle trips.


Bus Turístic

One-day excursions from Barcelona. Fully equipped buses.
Discover Catalonia at your own pace: includes a complete guide with detailed information about the places to visit and a whole host of discounts at places of interest, restaurants and shops.

A courier travels on board to provide you with the information you need during the journey. Discounts for groups of 4 people or more. Children aged under 8 travel free.

Guaranteed departures if you pre-book. Arrival at the Pl. Catalunya terminal: 20 minutes before departure time.

Information and tickets
- Turisme de Barcelona information offices
- Hotels
- Travel agencies
- Tel: 932 853 832


Route: Airport - Pl Espanya - Urgell - Pl Universitat - Pl Catalunya (30 minutes)
Times: Monday-Friday 6am - 12am / Saturday and public holidays 6.30am - 12am
Frequency: every 12 minutes
Fare: 3.45 € one-way / 5.90 € return (valid for one week). 15% discount with the Barcelona Card

Further information: www.emt-amb.com

Tramvia blau

The blue tram, the Tramvia Blau, runs from the Pl Kennedy / Avinguda Tibidabo to the Pl Doctor Andreu (at the entrance to the funicular station) and back. Connects to the funicular. The tram runs every day in summer, and at Easter, Christmas, weekends and on public holidays. On weekdays and during the months when the amusement park is closed, a bus operates on the same route.

From 12/04 to 21/05, daily from 1am to 6.05pm
From 21/06 to 14/09, daily from 1am to 8.05pm
Every Saturday and holidays, from 10am to 6.05pm
It doesn't works on 01/01 and 25/12

Fare: one-way 2 €; return 2.90 €

Further information: Tel: 932 987 000, Fax: 933 186 927, Web: www.tmb.net

Funicular del Tibidabo

Funicular railway operating from Pl Doctor Andreu (end of Avinguda Tibidabo) to the Pl del Tibidabo. Connects to the Tramvia Blau.

Times: the funicular runs on the days when the amusement park is open, until 30 minutes after the park closes.
Frequency: every 30 minutes

Fare: one-way 2 €, return 3 €

Bus Shopping Line

Bus serving the city's shopping area, from Pl Catalunya to Pl Pius XII (Diagonal). The bus is equipped with air conditioned, lounge music and storage for a packages.

Times: Mon-Fri from 7am to 10pm / Sat from 9.10am to 9.45pm
Frequency: Mon-Fri every 7 minutes / Sat every 14-15 minutes
Fare: 1,20 €. Barcelona Card offers you 25% discount.

Further information: Transports Ciutat Comtal, 934 156 020

Golondrinas (harbour pleasure boats)

Pleasure boats which travel around Barcelona harbour from Colom to l'Escullera.

Length of journey: 35 minutes
Times: November - March: weekdays 11am to 2pm, holidays 11.45am to 5pm | Apri - June: weekdays 11am to 6pm, holidays 11.45am to 7pm | July - September: daily 11.45am to 7.30pm | October: weekdays 11am to 6pm, holidays 11.45am to 7pm
Fares: adults 3.50 € , children (aged 4 to 10) 1.75 €

Further information: www.lasgolondrinas.com

More information in barcelonaturisme.com